Infectonator 2

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Infectonator 2

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Infectonator 2, a real-time strategy game, is a part of Infectonator series in which you are supposed to choose a city from the world map and infect it. Not just infect it, you need to zombify as much population of that city as possible within the given time limit. You need to click with the mouse (or you can use keyboard hot keys) to release a virus which infects nearby humans and turn them into zombies. These zombies will infect other humans, turn them into zombies releasing coins and you need to collect them by mousing over them. But the catch is that humans can also fight back and neutralize the effect of virus, so you need to keep releasing the virus so that humans can’t fight back.

You can earn extra coins by destroying all the population of city. These coins can be used not only to purchase extra life and higher chances of infection, but also some weapons like grenade, canister bomb, a goo and land mines which can really help your mission. Game is not over unless you have defeated every city in the world by turning everyone into zombies or killing them.
Infectonator 2 has added several more fun level over its predecessor and also another layer of strategy which can help you to spot a single human trying to escape your sight. You can now infect entire continent if you have gained enough control. Infectonator 2 comes with dialogs in different human languages and also jokes in the same languages to keep the mood light.
This version also comes with cleaner graphics, more geographical details, different music for each city, some mind boggling background art pictures and absolutely rib-tickling, but informative descriptions according to the selected locale. Early reviews seem to suggest that this game is twice as funny as its predecessor and less than half as stereotyped. Infectonator 2 is an addictive and fairly pleasant way to kill an hour or two.

Infectonator 2, 9.2 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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